Here are some other ways you can maximize both your experience as a psychology major at UAB and the likelihood of success in attaining your career goals:

  1. Read the Undergraduate Catalog and Know your Requirements!  The Undergraduate Catalog the Statistics and Research Design sequence (PY 214, PY 217, and PY 315) no later than the first term of your junior year.  These courses are pre-requisites for PY classes at the 400 level, which are required for graduation. is the authoritative source of information on UAB policies and procedures for undergraduates, and in particular the requirements for various degrees including Psychology.  For things to know about the catalog, and links to important catalog sections, click here.
  2. Familiarize yourself with course offerings in the Department of Psychology. 
  3. Plan ahead to meet your course requirements.  Prioritize the classes that you need or want to take to avoid getting stuck later if a particular class is not offered. 
  4. Try to complete
  5. If you are planning graduate or professional school after earning your B.S., and your cumulative and Psychology GPAs are high (at least 3.5), consider the Honors Program in Psychology.
  6. Think about your career goals and investigate career options.  For information on careers in Psychology.  For information on UAB's Career Center, click here.  You should begin this process in your sophomore year at the latest.  Consider also the possibility of obtaining academic credit and exploring your career interests by working in a community service agency.
  7. Consult with your Academic Advisor at least once a term--more often if you are having problems.  Under some circumstances (e.g., if you are placed on academic probation), you may be required to meet with your advisor before you can register for another term.   For further information on how to contact the advisor and how to get the most out of advising in the Department of Psychology.
  8. Regularly check the Department of Psychology web site and bulletin boards on the 2nd and 4th floors of Campbell Hall for announcements of speakers and other departmental activities.
  9. Regularly check for new handouts in the "Information for Psychology Majors" bins, on the wall outside Campbell Hall Room 415.  When possible, we'll post copies of those handouts on this site. 

10. Make an effort to get to know the Psychology faculty, through in-class discussion, attending office hours, and volunteering to assist with research (PY 398). 

11. Join the Psychology Club and Psi Chi, the National Honor Society in Psychology, and attend their programs.  Psi Chi is run by and for students with the assistance of a faculty advisor.  Most Psi Chi programs are open to all students--members and non-members alike--with an interest in Psychology.

12. Visit our web site often for other news and information relevant to Psychology majors.  We will be updating it often over the upcoming months.