Dr. Carl E. McFarland


Professor, Psychology & Co-Director of Undergraduate Neuroscience Program

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Email: cmcfarla@uab.edu
Office Phone: (205) 934 8910 
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Dr. McFarland earned the Ph.D. at the University of Kansas. He served as chairperson for the UAB Department of Psychology from 1982-2008 and currently the Co-Director of the Undergraduate Neuroscience Program. He was responsible for the recruitment nearly every member of the current department. During his tenure as chair, the department grew in a number of ways. In 1982, the department had 12 primary faculty members, today 30, with a large number of secondary and adjunct faculty. 250 students were majoring in psychology and today the number exceeds 700. During this time, 3 doctoral programs were developed. Currently, more than 60 doctoral students are enrolled in these programs. In 1982, the department acquired $200,000 in federal research support. This total rose to exceed$10,000,000 and the department was ranked as high as number 3 nationally in federal research funding. Departmental space quadrupled during Dr. McFarland’s years as chair. Dr. McFarland has received 15 teaching awards during his career including the University’s Ingalls Award twice, and the Presidential Teaching Award twice. He has taught in excess of 16,000 students in his classes. As department chair, Dr. McFarland promoted program and faculty collaboration outside of the department, largely with the UAB Schools of Medicine, Optometry and Public Health. At present, every member of the department’s faculty is involved in collaborative work outside the department. Each of the department’s doctoral programs is a collaborative effort with departments, centers, and faculty from such departments as Psychiatry, Neurology, Neurobiology, Physiology and Biophysics, Vision Science, Anesthesiology, Medicine, and others. During his last two years as chair, Dr. McFarland expanded this collaborative approach to undergraduate education. Along with Drs. David Sweatt and Anne Theibert from the Department of Neurobiology, he established the Neuroscience Program. This was the first undergraduate program at UAB to involve the direct participation and management of faculty from both the School of Medicine and Academic Affairs. The program was approved by the Board of Trustees in January of 2009 and is co-directed by Drs. Theibert and McFarland. The program boasts of more than 50 research mentors from various departments in the School of Medicine, the School of Optometry, and the Department of Psychology. Please visit the program.