Dr. Christopher Robinson


Assistant Professor, Psychology

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Other information:
Christopher RobinsonContact Information:

Email: carobin@uab.edu
Office Phone: (205) 975 0408 
Fax: (205) 975 6110


B.A., 1997, New College, Psychobiology
Ph.D., 2004, University of Alabama at Birmingham, Cognitive Science

Research Interests:

Dr. Robinson’s research focuses on preparing a systematic treatment of the whole of psychology. To do this, he uses the other social sciences to provide the background facts that psychology seeks to explain. Thus, each of his classes combines history, evolutionary biology, sociology, anthropology, and economics to provide psychologists with the data and theories that psychologists can experimentally test. For each class, Dr. Robinson wishes that students obtain a solid background into the data from other fields that inform that area of psychology, that students understand the issues and theoretical perspective of that area, that students understand the basic psychological experiments and findings in that area, and that students learn the practical value of the material. To give an example from one of his courses, he teaches the broad range of facts that give rise to the study of memory, the main types of memory and why psychologists believe that memory is divided into those parts, what psychologists have learned about memory, and the practical value of that research (e.g., in understanding why eyewitness memory is prone to error). In many ways, Dr. Robinson sees himself as a liberal arts professor at a medical university; he attempts to link the discoveries of the present with the broader intellectual issues of the past.

Dr. Robinson is also involved in several research projects that are as diverse as the classes he teachers. Currently, he is researching issues related to prison sentencing reform; he is researching whether psychological memory biases can solve historical puzzles (e.g., discrepancies in the Gospels); recently, he started working with engineers to design a research project to test distance teaching of motor skills.

Teaching Interests:

University of Alabama at Birmingham (1999-present):

PY 101 Introduction to Psychology
PY 108 Human Sexuality
PY 214 Elementary Statistical Methods and Design
PY 220 Introduction to Forensic Psychology
PY 303 Introduction to Cognitive Science
PY 315 Methods in Psychological Research
PY 361 Psychology of Learning
PY 363 Cognitive Psychology
PY 372 Social Psychology
PY 370 Personality
PY 376 Psychology and Law
PY 380 Perception
PY 420 Psychological and Behavioral Sex Differences
PY 420 Evolutionary Psychology
PY 420 Psychology of Fine Art PY 420 Psychology and Advertising

Jefferson State Community College: (2002)

PSY 200 General Psychology
PSY 230 Abnormal Psychology