Dr. Michael Crowe


Associate Professor/Director-Psychology Honors Program

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Other information:
Dr. Michael CroweContact Information

Email: mgcrowe@uab.edu
Office Phone: 205) 934 0231
Fax: (205) 975 6110


B.S., 1998, University of Illinois
Ph.D., 2004, University of Southern California

Research Program:
My primary research area is focused on cognitive decline and dementia in older adults. I am particularly interested in how potentially modifiable factors may play a role in cognitive aging. My other areas of research interest include mental health in older adults, and the consequences of cognitive impairment in terms of health and everyday function. In much of my recent work, I have focused specifically on the association between factors related to health disparities (e.g., quality of education, diabetes) and cognitive function in older adulthood.

Representative Publications:
Crowe, M., Clay, O. J., Martin, R. C., Howard, V. J., Wadley, V. G., Sawyer, P., & Allman, R. M. (2013). Indicators of childhood quality of education in relation to cognitive function in older adulthood. Journal of Gerontology: Medical Sciences, 68, 198-204.

Cook, S., Marsiske, M., Kelsey, T., Unverzagt, F., Wadley, V., Langbaum, J., & Crowe, M. (2013). Identification of Mild Cognitive Impairment in ACTIVE: Algorithmic classification and stability. Journal of the International Neuropsychological Society, 19, 73-87.

Sartori, A. C., Wadley, V. G., Clay, O. J., Parisi, J. M., Rebok, G. W.,Crowe, M. (2012). The relationship between cognitive function and life space: The potential role of personal control beliefs. Psychology and Aging, 27, 364-374.

Crowe, M.., Sartori, A., Clay, O. J., Wadley, V. G., Andel, R., Wang, H. -X., Sawyer, P., & Allman, R. (2010). Diabetes and cognitive decline: Investigating the potential influence of factors related to health disparities. Journal of Aging and Health, 22, 292-306.

Crowe, M., Allman, R. M., Triebel, K., Sawyer, P., & Martin, R. (2010). Normative performance on an executive clock drawing task (CLOX) in a community-dwelling sample of older adults. Archives of Clinical Neuropsychology.

Crowe, M., Andel, R., Wadley, V., Okonkwo, O., Sawyer, P., & Allman, R. M. (2008). Life-space and cognitive decline in a community-based sample of African American and Caucasian older adults. Journal of Gerontology: Medical Sciences, 63, 1241-1245.

Crowe, M., Clay, O. J., Sawyer, P., Crowther, M. R., & Allman, R. M. (2008). Education and reading ability in relation to differences in cognitive screening between African American and Caucasian older adults. International Journal of Geriatric Psychiatry, 23, 222-223.

Crowe, M., Andel, R., Pedersen, N. L., & Gatz, M. (2007). Do work-related stress and reactivity to stress predict dementia 30 years later? Alzheimer Disease & Associated Disorders, 21, 205-209.

Teaching Interests:
Psychology and Aging, Abnormal Psychology

Lab Information:
Lab name: Clinical & Developmental Geropsychology Lab
PI: Dr. Crowe
Research: Cognitive and mental health in older adults; risk factors for cognitive decline, cognitive impairment, and dementia; racial differences in neuropsychological test performance; health disparities, diabetes, and cognitive aging
Projects: Diabetes and Aging Study of Health (DASH); Risk Factors for Cognitive Decline in the UAB Study of Aging; Cognitive Aging in a Population-Based Sample of Older Adults in Puerto Rico