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Other information:
Alan RandichContact Information: Email: arandich@uab.edu Office Phone: (205) 934 3850 Fax: (205) 975 6110 Education: B.A., 1972, Syracuse University, Psychology M.S., 1975, Syracuse University, Experimental Psychology Ph.D., 1978, Dalhousie University, Experimental Psychology Post-Doctoral Fellow, 1979, Yale University Curriculum Vitae Research Interests: Dr. Randich is interested in basic mechanisms of pain and pain modulation. His current research, performed in collaboration with Dr. Ness and Dr. Robbins in the Department of Anesthesiology examines how early-in-life experiences with inflammation of the bladder may trigger the development of painful interstitial cystitis. This research involves immunohistochemical and electrophysiological studies of the bladder, primary bladder afferents, spinal cord neurons involved in processing bladder pain, and brainstem structures that modulate spinal pain processing. These studies will lead to a better understanding of interstitial cystitis and other painful bladder syndromes. Representative Publications: Randich, A. and Ness, T.J. (2010) Modulation of Spinal Nociceptive Processing. Ballantyne, J., Fishman, S., and Rathmell, J. P. (Eds.) Bonica's Management of Pain 4th Edition. 2010. Lippincott, Williams and Wilkins. 978-0- 7817-6827-6 Ball, C. L., Ness, T. J. and Randich, A. (2010) Opioid blockade and inflammation reveal estrous cycle effects on visceromotor reflexes evoked by urinary bladder distension. Journal of Urology, 184(4):1529-35. Epub 2010 Aug 17. PMID: 20723927 Randich, A., Mebane, H., and Ness, T.J. (2009). Ice water testing reveals hypersensitivity in adult rats that experienced neonatal bladder inflammation: Implications for PBS/IC. Journal of Urology, 182(1):332-342. Randich, A., Shaffer, A., Ball, C., and Mebane, H. (2008). Serotonergic and noradrenergic facilitation of the visceromotor reflex evoked by urinary bladder distension in rats with inflamed bladders. Neuroscience Letters, 442(3):253-256 Randich, A., Mebane, H., DeBerry, J. and Ness, T.J. (2008) Rostral ventral medulla modulation of the visceromotor reflex evoked by urinary bladder distension in female rats. Journal of Pain, 9(10):920-926. Teaching Interests: Dr. Randich’s teaching interests include psychodynamics of pain, neurobiology of learning, and introduction to psychology.