Dr. Lesley Ross


Assistant Professor

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Other information:
Contact Information:

Email: lesleyross@uab.edu
Office Phone: (205) 975 9424
Fax: (205) 975 6110


B.A., 2001, University of Montevallo, AL
M.Ed,, 2003, University of Montevallo, AL
M.A., 2006, University of Alabama at Birmingham
Ph.D., 2007, University of Alabama at Birmingham
Postdoctoral Fellowship, 2007-2009 Australian National University, Center for Mental Health Research

Curriculum Vitae

Research Interests:

Dr. Ross’ research interests focus on methods to improve or maintain cognitive and functional abilities in older adults. Her background includes epidemiological studies of health from midlife to old age, randomized cognitive intervention trials, everyday functional abilities assessment, driving and mobility, human factors, international studies/culture, and longitudinal research design and analyses.

Representative Publications:

Ross, L. A. , Dodson, J., Edwards, J. D., Ackerman, M. L & Ball, K. K. (in press). Older drivers’ self-appraisal and driving competency. Accident Analysis and Prevention.

Ross, L. A. , L. A., Browning, C., Luszcz, M. A., Mitchell, P. & Anstey, K. J. (2011). Age-based testing for driver’s license renewal: Potential implications for older Australians. Journal of the American Geriatrics Society,59, 281-285.

Anstey, K. J., Bielak, A., Birrell, C., Byles, J., Burns, R., Kiely, K., Ross, L. A. Steel, D., Windsor, T.D., and the DYNOPTA investigators (2011). Understanding ageing in older Australians: The contribution of the DYNOPTA project to the evidence base and policy. Australasian Journal on Ageing

Ross, L. A. , Anstey, K. J., Kiely, K., Windsor, T., Byles, J., Luszcz, M. A., & Mitchell, P. (2009). Older drivers in Australia: Trends on driving status and cognitive and visual impairment. Journal of the American Geriatric Society (JAGS),57(10),1868-1873.

Ross, L. A. , Clay, O. J., Edwards, J. D., Ball, K., Wadley, V. G., Vance, D. E., Cissell, G. M., Roenker, D. L., & Joyce, J. J. (2009). Do older drivers at-risk for crashes modify their driving over time? Journals of Gerontology: Psychological Sciences,64(2), 163-170.

Ball, K., Edwards, J. D., & Ross, L. A. (2007). The impact of speed of processing training on cognitive and everyday functions. Journals of Gerontology: Psychological Sciences,62B(Special Issue I), 19-31.

Teaching Interests:

Introduction to Psychology Developmental Psychology Research Methods Cognition and Learning Psychology of Aging Human Factors