Student Resources

As a student of UAB, you have a unique opportunity to broaden your horizons, explore the connections between disciplines, and define your future.Your opportunities are limited only by your own imagination, stamina, and the 24-hour day .

You will find a wealth of resources related to all things academic, university services, and student life on the university student home page.

You can find plenty of activities to balance all that academic stimulation. If you're a sports fan, you can find something to watch year-round from among the fifteen teams that the Athletics department fields, and if you're more a player than a watcher the Intramural schedule is packed with events from billiards to triathlons.


2013 Department Fall Class Schedule

CH 158 Computer Lab Schedule for Fall 2013

Writing Center

Math lab

Office of Student Success (to include tutoring services)


Academic calendar

mployment Opportunities :

Counseling Opportunity 

UAB Phonathon 

Research Assistants for Autism and Psychotic Disorders

Center for Children and Families Internship

YouthServe Internships

Opportunities in Psychology

Undergraduate Research Participant :

Student Research Participant Guidelines

Research Requirement

Sona Participants Guide

Undergraduate Researcher (For PY 315 Students):

Researcher Participant Pool Guidelines

Participant Pool Guide

Sona Researchers & PI Guide

Research & Evaluation Forms:

Conduct of Human Research by Students

Scientific Review Forms

Participant Pool Request Form

Support Services:

Wellness Center

Disability Support Services

Career Services

Campus Rec Center

Student Life:


Student Life office

Student Government

Student Organizations

UAB Chapter of The Association of Neuropsychology Students in Training

Psychology Graduate Student Association


Department Graduate Student Travel Fund Policy

Department Undergraduate Student Travel Fund Policy


Financial Aid