Undergraduate Advising

All entering students, freshman and transfer students, are asked to indicate an area of interest (a potential major in most instances) at the time of application to UAB. Based upon your response, you will be assigned an academic advisor appropriate for your major. All new students (entering Freshman and transfer students) also have the opportunity for "group" advisement during the Orientation Sessions for that particular academic term.  Entering students should take advantage of such sessions because a general introduction to UAB and the Core Curriculum is provided.

Depending upon the needs of the student, the psychology advisors can provide routine advising on a semester-by-semester basis. You are encouraged to get to know your advisor early in your undergraduate career and take advantage of the insight s/he can provide. It is important for you to contact your advisor for an appointment well in advance, as the advisors' schedules are often full.  To schedule an appointment, call the main Psychology phone number (934-3850) or check with the receptionist in the main Psychology office (Campbell Hall Room 415).

What you ultimately derive from your years of study at UAB depends in large measure upon careful planning. Whereas the primary responsibility for planning a program of study is yours, you should make use of all the advice available. The Academic Advisors and Director of Undergraduate Studies are here to provide that advice.