Advice for Freshman Entering or Already Enrolled in the Undergraduate Program

Scheduling Your New Student Orientation Session:  All incoming freshmen are required to register for and attend a New Student Orientation session.  This will serve as your introduction to UAB.  During this time, you will meet with the Department of Psychology's Academic Advisor to discuss course selection and academic goals.  During orientation you will be assisted with class registration.

Placement Tests:  As part of the orientation process, you may be required to take college placement tests to help determine the most appropriate college courses for you at this time.  Contact the Testing Center for information and instructions.

Initial Advising Appointment:  Upon admission to UAB, all incoming freshmen are encouraged to schedule an appointment with their Academic Advisor before orientation.  During this meeting your advisor will guide you in selecting courses that will satisfy degree requirements as well as help you move toward your academic goals. This meeting also provides an opportunity for your advisor to discuss advanced placement work you have done.

Ongoing Advising:  Current freshmen are also encouraged to meet with their Academic Advisor to discuss their coursework and plan for upcoming semesters.