Your catalog year is important because it determines what requirements you need to satisfy in order to graduate.  That makes your catalog year very important!

Every undergraduate student at UAB has a designated catalog year.  Initially, your catalog year (actually a range of years, like "2003-2004") refers to the Undergraduate Catalog in effect during the first term that you enrolled at UAB.  You are entitled to graduate under the requirements in that catalog. 

However, when the catalog is revised, you can opt to move to the revised requirements.  For example, many students will want to move to the 2003-2004 catalog because the number of credit hours required for graduation has been reduced from 128 to 120.

The "downside" is that if you move to a newer catalog, you must fulfill all requirements of the newer catalog.  For example, a student first enrolled in 1998 cannot choose to fulfill the major requirements for Psychology published in that catalog but "upgrade" their minor requirements to those stated in the 1999-2001 catalog.  Also, once you change your catalog year, you cannot change to any earlier catalog, including your original catalog.

The links at left point to web pages giving requirements under all on line catalogs.  To find minor requirements, go to the Academic Programs page for your catalog, and then follow links to the school and then the department in which the minor resides. 

To determine what requirements apply to you, first determine your catalog year.  Then click on all the links at left that apply to your catalog year.  You may also want to click on requirements from newer catalogs if you are considering a "catalog year upgrade".

For information on earlier catalogs, e-mail the Psychology Advisor

Checksheets are designed to provide a summary of all major, school, and core requirements for students with a particular catalog year. 

Note that unlike changes to requirements, changes to academic and non-academic policies as well as pre-requisites affect all students, regardless of their catalog year.  Policies and pre-requisites that are currently in effect are those stated in the current undergraduate catalog.