Coursework:  By now you should have already completed PY 214 and PY 217.  If you've completed PY 315, that's even better!  As a junior, try to complete as many as possible of your other required 300-level courses.  Look ahead to the 400-level courses you're interested in taking, and give priority to completing the pre-requisites for those courses before the end of your junior year.

Early in your junior year is about the latest that you can apply for the Honors Program in Psychology.  If your cumulative and Psychology GPAs are at least 3.5, and you are aiming for graduate or professional school, check it out!

PY 396, 397 and PY 398:  Junior level Psychology majors are encouraged to gain experience through teaching and research with a faculty member or community volunteer service.  Psychology students may enroll in PY 396, 397 or PY 398 to gain these experiences while receiving academic credit for their participation.  Students majoring in Psychology may count up to 3 credit hours toward their psychology major.  The limit on the total number of credit hours that you may count as general electives toward your degree is 18.

Investigate the GRE:  During their junior year, students planning to apply to graduate school should begin planning for the Graduate Record Exam (GRE).  Ideally, the GRE should be taken during the fall of a student's junior year.  This allows time for the exam to be scored and for those scores to be sent to prospective graduate schools before admission deadlines.  Students are encouraged to prepare for the GRE, and there a many books and software programs available for this purpose.

Investigate Graduate Schools:  Deadlines for applying to graduate schools occur as early as November 15 of the year before the Fall term in which you want to begin, so don't wait until you're a senior to start your list of schools to which you want to apply!  The American Psychological Association's book on Graduate Study in Psychology is a good place to begin.

Investigate Career Options:  Your training in Psychology can serve you well in a number of different careers.  Check our Career Resources page for links to useful information.