Honors Program

The Honors Program in Psychology is designed to enhance the educational experience and level of preparation of academically successful Psychology majors who are planning to attend graduate or professional school in psychology or a related discipline.  In the past, program graduates have gone on to graduate school in many areas of psychology, including clinical, cognitive, counseling, developmental, behavioral neuroscience, and industrial/organizational; medical school, especially in the areas of pediatrics and psychiatry; and law school.

Program Components:  The Honors Program in Psychology consists of three main components:

1.  Completion of an Honors thesis describing a research project conducted by the student under the supervision of a faculty member in Psychology or a related field.  Please see the Psychology Department webpage for more information on research of faculty members:  http://www.uab.edu/cas/psychology/facultyandstaff

2.  Participation in 3 semesters of the Honors Seminar (PY 399), a small-group 1-semester-hour seminar aimed at professional development and in-depth discussion of theory and research in the behavioral sciences.

3.  Completion of advanced coursework:  Honors students are required to take additional upper-level courses in Psychology (see http://catalog.uab.edu/undergraduate/collegeofartsciences/psychology/#honorstext)

Application:  Ideally, students apply to the Psychology Honors Program during their sophomore year.  This provides sufficient time to complete the thesis and honors seminar requirements during the junior and senior years.  To apply to the Honors Program in Psychology, complete an Application for Admission and return it to Dr. Michael Crowe, Program Director.  Applications may be submitted to Dr. Crowe's mailbox in 415CH or by email: mgcrowe@uab.edu.  He will then contact you to schedule an interview.  Students must have and maintain a cumulative, institutional, and psychology GPA of 3.5 or above in order to be admitted to and graduate from the Honors Program in Psychology. 

  Many Psychology Honors Program graduates have either pursued doctoral study in Psychology or have been accepted to professional schools, typically in medicine or counseling/social work.  Others have gone directly to jobs in research or clinical service.