PY 397: Community-Based Practicum

PY 397 was established to provide students with an opportunity to receive academic credit for participating in service activities in the community that involve the application of psychological knowledge. 

PY 397 is taken on a Pass/Fail basis.

Supervisors and Settings.  Supervisors and settings for PY 397 vary widely, but often involve a clinic, center, or other setting that provides mental health or related psychological services.  Historically, students have participated in community practica at such agencies as the Crisis Center, Family Court, Department of Human Resources, and Children's Hospital.  The basic requirements are:

  1. the student must be engaged in meaningful work of a psychological nature, and
  2. the student must be supervised by a psychologist, licensed counselor or other qualified professional.

Prerequisites.  Although PY 397 has no prerequisites beyond PY 101 (Introductory Psychology), it is recommended that you first complete appropriate course work.  For example, if you want to participate in providing mental health services at the Crisis Center, consider taking PY 218 (Abnormal Psychology) or PY 319 (Psychopathology and Culture) first.  If your community practicum will involve working with children, then PY 212 (Developmental Psychology) should be completed first.

How to Proceed.  If you are interested in gaining community practicum experience check out our PY 397 Opportunities web page!

Students are responsible for making arrangements with the outside agency to participate in community work related to the field of psychology. In order to receive credit, you must also obtain prior approval from the Director of Undergraduate Studies and receive supervised experience at the community site.  If you have questions about whether a site or activity is likely to be approved, feel free to contact Dr. Hopkins ahead of time, preferably by email.

Note:  Be sure to read the General Information on PY 396, 397 and PY 398 and complete the required forms if you are interested in enrolling in this course.