Advice for Seniors Planning to Graduate

Application for Degree:  File your Application for Degree (AFD) as early as possible in your senior year--that is, as early as possible in the term before the term in which you plan to graduate.  This form lists the coursework that you will need to complete over your last two semesters.  Filing at the beginning of your senior year allows time for this list to be checked and approved by the Undergraduate Program in Psychology, the department responsible for your minor, the Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences, and the Registrar.  If discrepancies are discovered in your proposed coursework, adjustments can be made in time for you to graduate during the intended semester.

You can file an Undergraduate Application for Degree on-line through Blazernet (here's how) or you may schedule an appointment with the Psychology Academic Advisor for assistance in completing the application.

Apply to Graduate Schools:  Deadlines for applying to graduate schools occur as early as November 15 of the year before the Fall term in which you want to begin, so finalize your list of schools and programs and start filling out those applications!

Take the GRE:  Many graduate schools will require you to take the Graduate Record Examination (GREs).  Plan to take the test no later than October of your senior year to allow time for the scores to be sent to the graduate schools to which you are applying.

Investigate Other Career Options:  Your training in Psychology can serve you well in a number of different careers.  Check our Career Resources page for links to useful information.