Advice for Sophomores in the Undergraduate Program

Statistics and Research Design Courses:  Students are advised to enroll in PY 214 (Elementary Statistical Methods and Design) and PY 217 (its computer lab course) during their sophomore year.  Completion of these courses will help to ensure that necessary prerequisite coursework will have been completed in time for enrollment in junior and senior level classes.

Honors Program in Psychology:  Students with high psychology and cumulative GPAs (at least 3.5) may apply to join the Honors Program in Psychology.  Late in your sophomore year is a good time to make this decision, for two reasons:

1.  Honors students do not need to complete a minor, while non-Honors students should begin making progress toward the minor no later than the beginning of the junior year. Beginning Fall 2011, a minor is recommended, but not required for Psychology majors. 

2.  Honors students need to complete three semesters of the Psychology Honors Seminar (PY 399).  Ideally, honors students begin taking the seminar in the first semester of their junior year.

Psi Chi:  Psychology students who have completed 3 semesters at UAB and have received credit for 9 hours of coursework in psychology may be eligible to join Psi Chi, the national honorary society for students of psychology.  Invitations to eligible students generally go out at the end of each fall and spring semester.  Membership in Psi Chi recognizes high academic achievement and participation provides a useful opportunity to involve yourself in the life of the Department of Psychology.