Advice for Students Transferring in the Undergraduate Program

Scheduling Your New Student Orientation Session:  If you intend to transfer to the University of Alabama at Birmingham, you should register to attend a New Student Orientation session.  This will serve as your introduction to UAB.  During this time, you will meet with the Department of Psychology's Academic Advisors to discuss course selection and academic goals.  You are required to attend an orientation session prior to registration for classes.

Placement Tests:  As part of the orientation process, you may be required to take college placement tests to help determine the most appropriate college courses for you at this time.  Contact the Testing Center for information and instructions.

Transfer Credit:  The official policy regarding transfer of credit to UAB may be found in the 2010-2011 UAB Undergraduate Catalog.  For more information, visit the Transfer Equivalency web site.

Current Course Enrollment:  If you will be transferring to UAB and are currently enrolled in classes at another institution, you will need to have a current transcript sent once those courses are completed.  You should make your advisor aware that you have not yet received credit for these courses so that they can be used to select courses to meet your remaining requirements.

Meeting Your Advisor:  Although your advisors will be present at orientation, time will be limited.  Therefore you are strongly encouraged to schedule an individual advising appointment before your orientation session.  This will provide an opportunity for your advisor to learn about your individual interests and academic goals.  To schedule an appointment, call 205-934-3850.  Before your appointment you should familiarize yourself with the catalog pages that relate to the Psychology Major.  When you come for your appointment, bring along a list of the college-level courses that you have already taken or in which you are currently enrolled. 

The UAB Transfer Student Organization (TSO): The TSO is a student run organization that strives to help successfully integrate new transfer students into campus life by providing social and academic support. The TSO is open to all enrolled UAB students and is not just for psychology majors! The TSO plans to provide a peer mentor to each new member, regular academic and social events, and to engage in community service.  For more information about the TSO and/or how to join, contact Elliot Chong, TSO President advisor for the TSO.  

For further information, please visit the Admissions page of the 2010-2011 Undergraduate Catalog