Psychology Undergraduate Practica Information

Once you have made arrangements to conduct research or teach with a faculty member (PY 398/396) or to work within a community agency (PY 397), you must complete a PY 396/ 397/398 Authorization Form.  Complete all spaces on this form in collaboration with your practicum supervisor. 

One important decision that you will need to discuss is the number of hours per week that you can commit.  That decision translates to the number of credit hours for which you should register.  A table on the form shows the number of clock hours/week corresponding to registration for various numbers of credit hours.

Once the form is completed and signed by your supervisor, return it to one of the Psychology Advisors.  They will review it with Dr. Hopkins.  Generally the approval process takes no more than a day or two, and we will contact you or your supervisor if we have questions.  Assuming that your enrollment in PY 396, 397 or PY 398 is approved, you will receive notification from the department that you can register for the course.

You are required to complete a PY 397 or PY 396/398 Student Activity Log during each semester in which you are enrolled.  Turn it in to your supervisor by the last day of classes.  Your supervisor must add a grade, sign the form, and return it to the Psychology Academic Advisors by the last day of the finals period.  You are responsible for making sure that your supervisor has the form on time and is aware of the deadline for submitting your grade.  Further instructions are printed on the form.  If you are enrolled in PY 397, you will also be required to complete a Reflection Exercise which is attached to the PY 397 Student Activity Log.

While research, teaching and community practicum experiences are extremely valuable, they should be viewed as an adjunct to course work, not as a substitute. Thus,  only three credit hours of PY 396, 397 and PY 398 can be applied toward the 38 hour requirement for completion of the major. This 3-credit limitation should not discourage you from taking additional PY 396, 397 or PY 398 hours and continuing with a valuable research or community project. Extra PY 396/397/398 credits beyond the three can be applied to your general elective pool. Students cannot receive payment for PY 396, 397, or PY 398.