Undergraduate Awards


OST RESEARCH AWARD: Each year the department hosts an Undergraduate Research Competition that honors the memory of Professor John W. P. Ost. Professor Ost served as chair of the Department of Psychology from 1973 until 1977, and continued to serve as an active faculty member until his untimely death in 1988. The John Ost Undergraduate Research Competition in particular commemorates John's dedication to undergraduate research training.

2011  Vinetra King, Kelsey Patterson, Hayley Wells                                                        1999  Michael W. Wilson
2010  Sandhya L. Kumar and Ayushe Sharma 1998  Terri Whitworth
2009  Sandhya L. Kumar 1997  David Cannon
2008  S. Justin Thomas 1996  Mark Walton
2007  Brittney D. Frazier 1995  Steven McCown
2006  Lisa George 1994  William J. Tyler
2005  Annie Artiga 1993  Lauren Randazza
2004  Pranathi Lingam 1992  Daphne R. Wood
2003  Adam Woods 1991  Arista Beasley
2002  Pamela Wauford 1990  Eddie A. Jones
2001  Alexis S. Sprague 1989  Julie A. Caldwell, Michael Evans, Larry W. Hawk, Jr.                                                  
2000  Brandi Smith



Each year, the Department of Psychology presents these awards to students who have excelled in their pursuit of their psychology major. The Passey Prize for the Outstanding Student in Psychology at UAB is awarded to the psychology major judged to have shown the best overall level of accomplishment in psychology--not just in terms of grades, but also in terms of participation in other opportunities offered by the department, especially research. The Passey Prize includes a cash award.

The UAB Psychology Department Achievement Award is awarded to the psychology major judged to have shown the most outstanding achievement during his or her years in college. This award emphasizes academic performance and accomplishments, but it also considers participation and leadership in department and university activities, service to the community, and hardships or adverse life situations that the student has overcome.

Winners of undergraduate awards are selected by an awards committee appointed by the Director of Undergraduate Studies. In any given year, the committee may

1. decline to name a winner of either award;

2. give both awards to the same individual; or

3. name more than one winner of either award, either ranked or unranked.


Passey Prize Achievement Award
2011 Tyler Godsy 2011 Jessica Enlow
2010  Sandhya Kumar 2010 Rosalyn King and Ayushe Sharma
                                                                  1996 - 2009
2009  Ryan Barry 2002  Nicholaus Noles
2010  Donna Murdaugh and Heather Norris 2001  Katrina K. Gilbert and Alisha M. Albright
2007  Heather Wadsworth and Jillian Woodruff                                                                       2000  Valerie D. Turcotte and Andrea M. Brinley                               
2006  Annie Artiga 1999  Michael W. Wilson
2005  Briana McCarty 1998  Cynthia Tobias   
2004  Jason Viana 1997  Sarah Latham 
2003  Maria Hopkins and Julie Sherrod 1996  R. Alan Hicks