Sociology Honors Program

Honors Program in Sociology

The Sociology Honors Program is designed to help prepare outstanding undergraduate majors for graduate study in sociology or a career in medical sociology. The program offers a mentored research experience, and under faculty supervision, students will be exposed to a wide range of sociological perspectives and research areas.

Acceptance into the Sociology Honors Program requires the following:

  • completion of the required sociology courses including Introduction to Sociology, Theory,  and Statistics (by the end of the fall term of the year the student enters the honor’s program);
  • an undergraduate cumulative GPA of 3.00 or above;
  • a junior or senior level standing (admittance to Honors Program must take place before August 1); and
  • a cumulative GPA in Sociology courses of 3.3 or above.

The following is required to graduate with honors in the Sociology Honors Program:

  1. completion of the required sociology courses;
  2. completion of two-semester Honors seminar 498/499;
  3. completion of a senior-level thesis or under faculty supervision


Participation in the Sociology Honors Program provides a unique opportunity for highly motivated, academically talented undergraduate students to have access to and interact with faculty in an environment that encourages creativity and independent scholarship. Seminar participation and research experience will be important to nurturing the student’s sociological imagination. Completion of the Honors Program is an advantage when applying to graduate school or looking for employment in an appropriate discipline-oriented field. Finally, students who complete the program will graduate “With Honors in Sociology.”

For additional information and/or admission to the Sociology Honors Program, contact Dr. Chris Biga, Director of Undergraduate Studies, Department of Sociology, 460L Heritage Hall, Birmingham, AL 35294-1152; Telephone: (205) 934-8408.