Chris F. Biga, Ph.D.

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Chris F. Biga
Teaching Assistant Professor
Director of Undergraduate Studies
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Ph.D. Sociology, Washington State University, Pullman, Washington, 2006.
M.A. Sociology, University of New Orleans, New Orleans, Louisiana, 1999.
B.A. Sociology & Psychology, University of Nebraska, Lincoln, Nebraska, 1996.

Undergraduate Courses Taught: 

SOC 100: Introduction to Sociology
SOC 120: Introducation to Social Psychology
SOC 235: Sociology of Aging
SOC 235: Sociology of Religion
SOC 245: Contemporary Social Problems
SOC 410/410L: Social Statistics
SOC 431: Environmental Sociology
SOC 489/489L: The Research Experience
SOC 492: Sociology of Consumption
SOC 492: Sociological Social Psychology
SOC 498/499: Honors Seminar/Thesis


Stets, J.E. and C.F. Biga. 2003. "Bringing Identity Theory into Environmental Sociology." Sociological Theory 21: 398-423.

Biga, C.F. and M. Shelly. 2012. "Urban and Environmental Sociology." An Introducation to Sociology: A Collaborative Approach, Third Edition edited by B. Roncace. Ashbury Publishing. San Francisco, CA.