Patricia Drentea, Ph.D.



The Aging Family

Patricia Drentea discusses the changing face of the modern family. Listen at The Academic Minute.
Patricia Drentea
Associate Professor, Director of Graduate Studies | 205-934-2562 | HHB 460R

Ph.D. Sociology, The Ohio State University, 1999.
M.A. Sociology, The Ohio State University, 1994.
B.A. English, University of Wisconsin at Madison, 1989.

Other Positions Held:
Editorial Board, Journal of Health and Social Behavior, 2010-13.
Advisory Editor, Blackwell Encyclopedia of Health, Illness, Behavior, and Society. Gender and Health Section, 2011-13.
Research Associate, Veteran's Affairs of Birmingham, AL  BEACON PROJECT, 2011-12.

Research and Teaching Interests:
aging, inequality and health, gender and health

Undergraduate Courses Taught:
Sociology of Family, Family and Aging, Sociology of Work, Capstone Course-The Research Experience

Graduate Courses Taught:
Social Gerontology, Gender Inequality, Family and Health, Graduate Proseminar


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This research was featured in a live interview on the  2 March 2011 BBC radio show called “Thinking Allowed” with Laurie Taylor, and was aired across the world.

Hale, Timothy M., Shelia Cotten, Patricia Drentea and Melinda Goldner. 2010. “Rural-Urban Differences in General and Health-Related Internet Usage.”  American Behavioral Scientist. 53(9):1304-1325.

Recent Grant Activity:

Drentea, Patricia. 2011-12.  Co-Investigator.  "Intervention to Improve Care at Life's End in VA Medical Centers" (BEACON study).  Department of Veterans Affairs.  Health Services Research and Develpment (HSR&D) Grant #IIR 03-126. K. Burgio (PI) Birmingham Veteran's Affairs Medical Center BVAMC. $12,118. Role: analyze data from interviews and code emerging themes. 7/1/2005-9/30/2012.

Drentea, Patricia. 2010-11.  Community Health Scholoars Pilot Grant Program.  Awarded grant to study Debt and Financial Worry in Alahama. $30,000.

Drentea, Patricia. 2008.  UAB ADVANCE Senior Faculty Research Award.  Debt and Debt Anxiety among Couples Living with Disability. $15,249.