Elizabeth H. Baker, Ph.D.

Elizabeth H. Baker
Assistant Professor
ebaker@uab.edu  l 205-975-5738 l HHB 460F


Post-Graduate, Fellow in Labor and Population, RAND Corporation, 2010-12.
Ph.D. Sociology and Demography, Pennsylvania State University, 2010.
M. A. Applied Demography, Bowling Green State Univsersity, 2006.
B. A. Sociology and Psychology, cum laude, Bowling Green State University, 2003.
A. A. General Concentration, Owens State Community College, 2000.

Research and Teaching: 
Immigration, Health Disparities, Demography, Quantitative Methods, Marriage and the Family, Gender

Recent Publications:                                                                                                                            

Milner, Adrienne and Elizabeth H. Baker. 2015. "Athletic Participation and Intimate Partner Violence Victimization: Investigating Abuse Patterns for Women and Men." Journal of Interpersonal Violence, [e-pub ahead of print] doi:10.1177/0886260515585543.

Baker, Elizabeth H., Adrienne N. Milner, and Anthony Campbell. 2015. "A Pilot Study to Promote Walking among Obese and Overweight Individuals: Walking Buses for Adults." Public Health,  [e-pub ahead of print] doi: 10.1016/j.puhe.2015.03.021.

Stringer, Kristi and Elizabeth Baker. 2015. "Stigma as a Barrier to Substance Abuse Treatment among Those with Unmet Need: an Analysis of Parenthood and Marital Status." Journal of Family Issues, [e-pub ahead of print] doi: 10.1177/0192513X15581659.

Baker, Elizabeth, Michael Rendall, and Margaret Weden. In Press. "Epidemiological Paradox or Immigrant Vulnerability? Obesity among Young Children of Immigrants." Demography.

Baker, Elizabeth H. and Claire E. Altman. 2014. "Maternal Ratings of Child Health and Child Obesity, Variations by Mother's Race/Ethnicity and Nativity."  Maternal and Child Health Journal.  [e-pub ahead of print] DOI: 

Milner, Adrienne, Elizabeth Baker, and Virginia Sisiopiku. 2013. Motivation and barriers to utilizing adult walking buses: An examination of demographic correlates of willingness to participate in a community-based walking program. Open Journal of Preventive Medicine 9: 515-525.

Rendall, Michael S., Bonnie Ghosh-Dastidar, Margaret Weden, Elizabeth Baker and Zafar Nazarov. 2013. Multiple Imputation for Combined-Survey Estimation with Incomplete Regressors in One But Not Both Surveys. Sociological Methods & Research, 42 (4), 483-530.

Van Hook, Jennifer, Elizabeth Baker, Claire Altman, and Michelle Frisco. 2012. “Canaries in a Coalmine: Immigration and Obesity among Mexican Children of Immigrants.” Social Science and Medicine 74:125-134.

Van Hook, Jennifer and Elizabeth Baker 2010. "Big Boys and Little Girls: Gender, Acculturation, and Weight Among Young Children of Immigrants." Journal of Health and Social Behavior 51:200-214.

Jones, Antwan, Angelika Gulbis, and Elizabeth Baker 2010. "Differences in Tobacco Use between Canada and the United States." International Journal of Public Health 55:167-175.    

Baker, Elizabeth, Kelly Stamper Balistreri, Jennifer Van Hook 2009. “Maternal Employment and Overweight among Hispanic Children of Immigrants and Children of Natives.” The Journal of Immigrant and Minority Health 11:1557-1912.

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Van Hook, Jennifer, Elizabeth Baker, and Claire Altman, 2009. “Does it begin at school or home?  The institutional origins of overweight among young children of immigrants.” Pp. 205-224 in Immigration, Diversity, and Education, edited by Elena L. Grigorenko and Ruby Takanishi. London: Routledge.

Grants Funded:

Baker, Elizabeth. 2015. Co-Principal Investigating the Role of Perceived Discrimination in Obesity and Metabolic Syndrome among African Americans in Mississippi: The Jackson Heart Study. Awarded from Mid-South Transdisciplinary Collaborative Center for Health Disparities Research. $30,000.

Baker, Elizabeth. 2013-2014. Principal Investigator. Child Obesity and Mother's Ratings of Health: Variation by Maternal Immigrant Status and Acculturation. Awarded from Minority Health and Research Center. $30,000.

Baker, Elizabeth. 2013-2014. Co-Principal Investigator. Walking Buses for adults. Awarded from Minority Health and Research Center. $30,000.