Jonathan Daw, Ph.D.

Jonathan Daw
Assistant Professor l 205-934-8678 l HHB 460N 
Postgraduate, Institute of Behavioral Science and Institute for Behavioral Genetics, University of Colorado, Boulder Colorado, 2011-13.
Ph.D. Sociology, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, 2011.
M.A. Sociology, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, 2007.
B.A. Sociology and Government, University of Texas, Austin, 2005.

Research and Teaching Interests:  Gene-Environment Interplay, Health, Demography, Stratification, Quantitative Methodology 

Recent Publications:

Boardman, Jason D., Ben W. Domingue and Jonathan Daw. Forthcoming. “What Can Genes Tell Us about the Causal Relationship between Education and Health?” Social Science & Medicine.

Daw, Jonathan and Jason D. Boardman. Forthcoming. “The Long Arm of Adolescence: School Health Behavioral Environments, Tobacco and Alcohol Co-Use, and the 5HTTLPR Gene.” Biodemography and Social Biology.

Daw, Jonathan, Jason D. Boardman, Rachel Peterson, Andrew Smolen, Brett C. Haberstick, Marissa A. Ehringer, Susan T. Ennett, and Vangie A. Foshee. Forthcoming. “The Interactive Effect of Neighborhood Peer Cigarette Use and 5HTTLPR Genotype on Individual Cigarette Use.” Addictive Behaviors.

Daw, Jonathan, Rachel Margolis and Ashton Verdery. Forthcoming. “Siblings, Friends, Course-mates, Club-mates: How Adolescent Health Behavior Homophily Varies by Race, Class, Gender, and Health Status.” Social Science & Medicine.

Daw, Jonathan. 2014. “Of Kin and Kidneys: Do Kinship Networks Contribute to Racial Disparities in Living Donor Kidney Transplantation?” Social Science & Medicine 105:42-47

Boardman, Jason D., Jonathan Daw and Jeremy Freese. 2013. “Defining the Environment in Gene-Environment Research: Lessons from Social Epidemiology.” American Journal of Public Health 103:S1:S64-72.

Daw, Jonathan, Kathryn Nowotny and Jason D. Boardman. 2013. “Changing Patterns of Tobacco and Alcohol Co-Use by Gender in the United States, 1976-2010.” Demographic Research 28:22:637-648.

Daw, Jonathan, Michael Shanahan, Kathleen Mullan Harris, Andrew Smolen, Brett Haberstick and Jason D. Boardman. 2013. “Genetic Sensitivity to Peer Behaviors: 5HTTLPR, Smoking, and Alcohol Consumption.” Journal of Health and Social Behavior 54:1:92-108.

Daw, Jonathan and Jessica Halliday Hardie. 2012. “Compensating Differentials, Labor Market Segmentation, and Wage Inequality.” Social Science Research 41:5:1179-1197.

Daw, Jonathan. 2012. “Parental Income and the Fruits of Labor: Variability in Homework Efficacy in Secondary School.” Research in Social Stratification and Mobility 30:3:246-264.

Daw, Jonathan and Guang Guo. 2011. “The Influence of Three Genes on Whether Adolescents Use Contraception, USA 1994-2002.” Population Studies 65:3:253-271.