Irena Stepanikova, Ph.D.

Irena Stepanikova
Associate Professor I 205-934-3943 I HHB 460D


Ph.D., Sociology, Stanford University, 2006.
M.A., Sociology, Stanford Univerity, 2000.
M.A., Psychology & English, summa cum laude, Masaryk Univerity, Czech Republic,1996.
B.A., Psychology & English. summa cum laude, Campbellsville University,1994.

Research and Teaching Interests: Medical Sociology, Race/Ethnicity, Social Psychology, Social Stratification, Quantitative Methods 

Recent Publications:

Stepanikova, Irena. 2014. "Patient-Doctor Communication." In Blackwell Encyclopedia of Health, Illness, and Society, edited by William C. Cockerham, Robert Dingwall, and Stella Quah. Wiley- Blackwell.

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Stepanikova, Irena. 2012. "Racial and Ethnic Biases, Time Pressure, and Medical Decisions." Journal of Health and Social Behavior 53:329-343.

Stepanikova, Irena, Qian Zhang, Darryl Wieland, Paul Eleazer, and Thomas Stewart. 2012. "Non-Verbal Communication between Primary Care Physicians and Older Patients: How Does Race Matter?" Journal of General Internal Medicine 27(5):576-81.

Stepanikova, Irena, Jennifer Triplett, and Brent Simpson. 2011. "Implicit Racial Bias and Prosocial Behavior." Social Science Research 40:1186-1195.

Stepanikova, Irena. 2011. "Physician Trust in Patients: An Important Methodological Contribution." Invited commentary. Annals of Family Medicine 9: March 30 (online).

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Stepanikova, Irena, Norman Nie and Xiaobin He. 2010. "Time on the Internet, Loneliness and Life Satisfaction: Evidence from Panel Time-Diary Data." Computers in Human Behavior 26:329-338.

Stepanikova, Irena and Karen Cook. 2009. How Do American Black, White, Hispanic, and Asian Health Care Users Perceive Their Medical Non-adherence? Research in Sociology of Health Care 27: 47-66 (Winner of Outstanding Author Contribution Award, Emerald Literati Network 2010 Awards for Excellence).