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Applied Sociology at UAB

Long before the establishment of our new Master’s degree program in applied sociology at UAB, the department of sociology was actively engaged in both sociological research and projects tackling real world problems and challenges.

Recent work by faculty and graduate students includes:

  • Sleeping in homeless encampments to document the life of Birmingham’s homeless population.
  • Studying the potentially beneficial impact of information communication technology on nursing home residents.
  • Testifying before members of the U.S. Congress about the obesity epidemic.
  • Analyzing the impact of forced displacement upon the health of people in China who moved to make way for the Three Rivers dam.
  • Searching for explanations of why average lifespan is decreasing for women in some Alabama counties.

These and other projects show that we believe research and practice go hand-in-hand. They are each part of a larger totality, a process in which theory and application constantly enlighten one another. And it is this spirit that led us to create a graduate program in applied sociology.

We believe sociologists have vitally important tools, training and perspectives that make them effective contributors to a variety of efforts in the public and private sectors. Our program in applied sociology is designed to help you develop these skills so you can be a catalyst for success regardless of whether you are helping a corporation better understand their customers or working with an NGO to increase infant immunization rates.

The program is especially well suited for a variety of educators wanting to enhance their teaching and research skills, administrators wanting to improve work environments and financial professionals with consumer culture interests. All are attracted to the practical side of sociology and our program will serve those who want to practice sociology. Applied sociologists work at every level of society, throughout the private sector and in local, state and national government. Our student body will be just as diverse; people seeking applied research training to help create a more functional society that betters lives.

The program will be offered online. Students with specific career goals or with unique intellectual objectives may propose an emphasis designed to meet their individual academic needs. We are committed to offering at least ten online classes a year, which means a fulltime student can complete the online MA in 3 semesters. Please visit the course requirement link for further information.