Gerontology Minor


Program Director
Patrica Sawyer, Ph.D.
Fax: 205.975.5614

Gerontology is the study of processes of aging in all their diversity—the complex interaction of individual, social, and organizational phenomena producing change over the entire life span. Gerontological education necessarily encompasses many traditional disciplines in the biological, behavioral, medical, and social sciences, as well as numerous professional specialties.
The philosophy of the Gerontology Education Program is that research and instruction of the highest quality are achieved when faculty and students are trained within their parent discipline or field and apply their insights to questions of aging through interdisciplinary education. In this sense, students bring a firm disciplinary background with a specialized body of knowledge into their future endeavors. UAB’s Gerontology Education Program offers interdisciplinary courses in gerontology, leading to an undergraduate minor and parallel certificate. The study of gerontology at this level provides students educated in various disciplines with the background needed to work in programs related to aging and the aged. The program’s main goals are to provide students with a thorough background in existing theory and research in gerontology and to supplement their existing backgrounds and professional disciplines.

Students can complete the minor in gerontology by completing 9 semester hours of core course work, a 3 semester hour practicum or independent study project, and 6 semester hours of electives.

Students must complete the following core courses:

Students must also complete 3 semster hours from the following courses:
GER 490/491 Independent Study: Sociology
GER 498/499 Independent Study I/II

The remaining 6 semester hours can be selected from the list of gerontology electives.

Students are strongly advised to refer to the UAB Undergraduate Catalog for additional information on the core curriculum, major, and minor requirements. Direct any questions to the SBS Advising Office located in HUC 318-1150, 975-0097.