Social Diversity and Inequality

Select 3 hours from the following List of courses:

SOC 220 - Sociology of Gender
Presumed biological differences; socialization differences of females and males; positions in and treatment by major institutions such as education, religion and economy; influence of gender labeling on development and lives of both sexes..

Credit Hours: 3

SOC 250 - Race and Ethnic Relations

Various racial and ethnic groups, with emphasis on theory and research on intergroup relations, internal structure, culture, and experiences of ethnic groups..
Credit Hours: 3


SOC 385: The Social Psychology of Aging

Behavioral and structural relationships of aged population in America. Aging and interpersonal behavior, aging and social structure, and aging and social intervention.

Credit Hours: 3

SOC 415 - Social Stratification

Inequality of wealth, prestige, and power distribution examined as caste-class differences; effect of stratification on individuals and their behavior, lifestyle, and life chances.

Credit Hours: 3


SOC469 - The Sociology of Aging

How roles and statuses change with age in relation to major social institutions; adjustment people make to changes.  Aging population’s impact on society and effect of society on aging.

Credit Hours: 3