Health-Related Issues and Problems

Select 3 hours from the following List of courses:

SOC 240 - Family Conflict and Violence
Origins, manifestations, effects, controls, and rehabilitation aspects of family conflict and violence.

Credit Hours: 3

SOC 370 - Population Problems

Scope and method of population analysis; analysis of growth, distribution of characteristics, and changes of population of U.S.; impact of changes in population structure on American and world society.
Credit Hours: 3


SOC 383: Drugs and Society

Early and continuing use of plant-derived hallucinogens in various societies; psychological and biological reasons for taking drugs; substance abuse and its consequences for society.

Credit Hours: 3

SOC 456 - Death and Dying

Death, dying, and bereavement from sociological and social psychological perspectives. Social significance of death as human existential phenomenon.

Credit Hours: 3


SOC472 - Homelessness: Causes and Consequences

Current problems of homelessness in U.S. history, health, mental health, poverty, public attitudes, and government policy.

Credit Hours: 3