Women and Gender Studies Minor


Program Director
Wendy Gunther-Canada, Ph.D.
Professor of Government

1401 University Blvd.
HHB 414A
Birmingham, AL 35294-1152


Women’s studies investigates the subject of women within specific disciplines and across disciplinary boundaries. Courses explore women’s history, culture, work, and family life, and the structure of society and its impact on men and women. Women and Gender studies examines the issue of gender difference, analyzing its psychological, social, and cultural manifestations.

Because coursework in women’s studies provides insight into the human condition, it serves the traditional liberal arts objective of broadening and enriching one’s understanding of the world. Students pursuing careers that will require them to deal with women’s issues in the fields of government, social service, and health will also benefit from coursework in women’s studies.


To complete the minor, students must complete 18 semester hours, including 6 semester hours of required courses, and 12 semester hours of women’s studies electives. A grade of C or better is required for all 18 semester hours.

Students must complete the following courses

WS 100 Introduction to Women's Studies

WS 400 Theory and Practice of Women's Studies: Senior Seminar

The remaining 12 hours can be selected from the list of women and gender studies electives.


Students are strongly advised to refer to the UAB Undergraduate Catalog for additional information on the core curriculum, major, and minor requirements. Direct any questions to the SBS Advising Office located in HUC 318-1150, 975-0097.