Social Psychology Concentration Requirements

To complete the Bachelor of science in sociology with an emphasis in social psychology, you must complete 35 semester hours of academic credit in designated sociology courses, and complete all core curriculum courses required of UAB College of Arts and Sciences students.

The major requirements consist of 11 semester hours of required core courses; 3 hours of credit in at least one 400-level theory course; 18 hours of electives in sociology courses, at least 9 hours of which must be taken at the 300-level or above; and an additional 3 hours of sociology electives.

Major Requirements

Students must complete the following core course sequence:

SOC 100 Introduction to Sociology
PY 101 Introduction to Psychology
SOC 120 Introduction to Social Psychology
SOC 410 Social Statistics
PY 372 Social Psychology
SOC 489 The Research Experience

Students must also complete one of the following theory courses:
SOC 405 Mind, Self and Society
SOC 407 Development of Sociological Theory
SOC 415 Social Stratification

Students must also complete one of the following courses:
PY 212 Developmental Psychology
PY 218 Abnormal Psychology
PY 319 Psychopathology and Culture

and 9 semester hours of electives from this course list.

Students are strongly advised to refer to the UAB Undergraduate Catalog for additional information on the core curriculum, major, and minor requirements. Direct any questions to the SBS Advising Office located in HUC 318-1150, 975-0097.