Our Next Auditions

Auditioning for Theatre UAB

Our Audition Policy

Each student who elects to participate in UAB Department of Theatre auditions for main stage productions must audition for all productions being cast at that time, musical or non-musical. By auditioning, the student both acknowledges and consents that they can be cast as needed in any production for which auditions are being held.

Audition for a Production

Find out how to prepare for one of our auditions by reading the page here. You'll also want to read our casting policy.

Audition for our Bachelor of Fine Arts in Musical Theatre

Admission to our Musical Theatre BFA program is exclusively through audition. Click here for the details.

Audition/Interview for a Scholarship or Stipend

Current Theatre majors are eligible for scholarships and stipends, and these also require an audition or interview. Click here for the details.

New to UAB?

While not required for the theatre audition/interview, it's a good idea to go ahead and apply for admission to UAB. You can start the process online here.