The UAB Department of Theatre is presenting William Shakespeare's beloved comedy A Midsummer Night's Dream, October 18-22 in the Sirote Theatre. The production will be directed by Dennis McLernon. 
  • Everyone auditioning should make themselves familiar with the scenes attached here.
  • The entire text of the play can be downloaded here.

Here are the roles to be cast:

The Rulers

  • Theseus      Duke of Athens.
  • Hippolyta   is to wed Theseus
  • Egeus            Mother of Hermia and wants her to marry Demetrius.
  • Philostrate Attendant to the Duke

The Lovers

  • Lysander loves Hermia
  • Hermia loves Lysander
  • Helena loves Demetrius
  • Demetrius has loved Helena but is jealous for Hermia

The Spirits (the spirits will also be a movement ensemble)

  • Oberon is King of The Fairies and is the beloved of Titania
  • Titania is the Queen of the Fairies and is beloved by Oberon
  • Puck is Oberon’s mischievous jester and attendant.
  • Peas blossom, Mustard seed, Cobb web, Moth, etc. all serve Titania

The Mechanicals (tradesmen/women)

This group is preparing a play for the Duke’s wedding feast.
They will perform Pyramus and Thisbe. A passionate tale of forbidden love that ends tragically.
  • Peter Quince, carpenter
  • Nick Bottom, weaver
  • Francis Flute, bellows mender
  • Tom Snout, tinker
  • Robin Starveling, tailor
  • Snug, a joiner