beqo-jonidaWe're a bit late in reporting this, but Department alum Jonida Beqo has once again wowed audiences with one of her original one-woman shows.  Her latest performance piece, Harabel, was the hit of the fall season for Atlanta theatre group Theatrical Outfit --

-- prompting Atlanta Intown to post one of the most enthusiastic reviews of anything you'll ever read.  Read the review here.

Beqo.scaffold.Clowdus2Harabel is largely Jonida's own story -- the real adventures of a girl born and raised in Albania, who experienced the fall of Communism and the brutal civil war and ethnic cleansing that followed. The play relates how she fled her homeland in 1998 and somehow ended up in rural Alabama. “I was the novelty of the town,” she says. “I was living proof that there was something else out there.”

And Jonida continues to be the talk of the town. Read more about her on the Theatrical Outfit web site here.