Since the mid-1980s, the UAB Department of Theatre has supported troupes of student actors bringing quality performances to venues all over the state.   Together these troupes have logged countless miles on the road and entertained thousands of people each year -- at every stop, representing the goals of UAB and the Department of Theatre.

The shows we have offered for touring over the years have varied widely.  Here are the shows we have available for booking now:

  • THEATRE UAB CABARET: The Musical World of Disney
    Directed by Valerie Accetta
    Musical Direction by Carolyn Violi
    This all NEW medley of Disney favorites features an array of timeless tunes from "Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah" and "Lavender Blue" to "Under the Sea," "Beauty and the Beast," and "Hakuna Matata." The program culminates in show stopping numbers from The Princess and the Frog, The Muppets, Mulan and a medley from Frozen.
    Appropriate For: All Grade Levels, Retirement Communities and other Adult Facilities.
    Running Time: Approximately 40 minutes.

  • clare-melody2THEATRE UAB KIDS ON THE BLOCK: Dealing with Bullies
    Directed by Lee Shackleford
    UAB Kids on the Block is our longest-running touring show, entertaining and teaching school audiences for more than 30 years! Our puppeteers bring a delightful cast of characters to life with colorful, large-scale puppets acting out interesting, thought-provoking stories. Elementary-school kids all over the state have loved the UAB Kids on the Block shows -- probably never realizing just how much they’ve been learning in the process. Our program "Dealing with Bullies" is designed to raise questions and offer solutions about this age old problem. How should you respond when you’re being bullied? Why do people bully other people? What constitutes bullying? How can you make bullying stop? All of these questions and more are addressed in this insightful and challenging program. Along the way, kids in the audience meet Eddy Franklin, a boy who endures daily harassment from an older boy. Eddy’s friends Melody and Clare give him practical advice and guidance based on their own experiences -- and they ask the kids in the audience for their suggestions as well.
    Appropriate For: Grades K-4.
    Running Time: Approximately 40 minutes.
    Abridged, Adapted, and Directed by Dennis McLernon
    The most unforgettable love story in dramatic literature! When boy meets girl from a feuding family, forbidden love ignites with tragic consequences. Our Shakespeare Company of four actors presents the most memorable moments of Shakespeare’s tale of star-crossed lovers.
    Appropriate For: Middle Schools, High Schools, Retirement Communities, and other Adult Facilities.
    Running Time: Approximately 50 minutes.

  • The Theatre UAB Amazing Traveling Aesop Show 
    Written by Lee Shackleford
    Directed by Jack Cannon
    This engaging and clever program brings the famous Fables of Aesop to life with a tongue-in-cheek hilarity that educates and entertains. Four actors play all the characters in a delightful high energy performance. The Amazing Traveling Aesop Show will encourage your audience to think, learn, and laugh!
    Appropriate For: Grades K-5.
    Running Time: Approximately 45 minutes.

Interested in booking one of our tours, or just curious about the touring program?  
Contact our Program Manager, Mel Christian by email at or by telephone at (205) 934-3237.