Blazer Theatre OrganizationAll great theatre programs have a student-run theatre group. Ours is the BTO - the Blazer Theatre Organization.

The purpose of the Blazer Theatre Organization is to stimulate interest in performing arts at UAB. The organization seeks to create a fun, safe social environment for theatre students by sponsoring student work, participating in service activities, and coordinating social events for member students.

To get involved, students are encouraged to attend events and be a part of one of our standing committees: the Spirit Committee, the Production Support Committee, and the Social Committee. To become a part of these committees, it's as simple as contacting the officer that serves as the chair of that committee.

To become a member, just attend events. However, to become a voting member, you must pay dues of $10 before each election which will be held in conjunction with the end-of-the-year departmental event. These dues will cover both semesters of the following year.

Read our draft Constitution, yet to be ratified.