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In an effort to advance the training of aspiring theatre artists, the Department of Theatre at UAB and the Alabama Shakespeare Festival have established a training partnership. Through this partnership, exceptional Theatre Majors at UAB are given the opportunity to compete for season-long internships with the Alabama Shakespeare Festival in three areas of study: performance, stage management, and design/production. This opportunity is only available to Theatre Majors at UAB who have completed three years of study and have distinguished themselves as superior scholars and artists. Only the most dedicated and accomplished students will be considered for this prestigious opportunity.


  • Declared Theatre Major or Musical Theatre Major. (Eligibility is not restricted to those students on the Performance Track or the Design and Production Track. Film Majors are not eligible.)
  • A cumulative GPA of 3.0 at the end of the spring term preceding the internship.
  • 90 of 120 credit hours required for graduation completed by the end of the spring term preceding the internship.
  • Must be able to complete the requirements for a theatre degree at UAB in one year following the internship.
  • Must have all three required Practicum credits completed before the end of the spring term preceding the internship.


  • Students who meet eligibility requirements must submit application materials to the Department of Theatre Chair by January 1st.
  • Application materials must include a resume (with headshot for performers), a transcript and a copy of spring semester registration.
  • Applicants for the performance internship must present two contrasting monologues of 60 seconds each. Singers should also prepare 16 measures of a song and provide sheet music for an accompanist.
  • Applicants for the design/production internship must present a portfolio.
  • Applicants for the stage management internship must present a stage manager’s production book.
  • All applicants will go through a preliminary screening audition/interview with the UAB Department of Theatre faculty in January. Applicants who earn the endorsement of the Department will audition and/or interview with the Alabama Shakespeare Festival in late April
  • Those finalists selected by the ASF staff for the performance internship must also audition in New York City in June. The Department of Theatre will provide limited travel funding for the NYC auditions.
  • Up to three ASF internships will be awarded each year – one for performance, one for design/production, and one for stage management.
  • The ASF staff will make the final selection of internship recipients. The Alabama Shakespeare Festival is not obligated to award internships if suitable candidates are not identified.


  • This is a full season (approximately nine months) internship.
  • Each recipient must register for a three credit hour internship (THR 360) during each semester of the two-semester internship.
  • Each recipient will receive a $2000.00 scholarship from the UAB Department of Theatre and a stipend of $150.00 per week from the Alabama Shakespeare Festival.
  • Housing in Montgomery will be provided by the Alabama Shakespeare Festival. All other expenses will be the responsibility of internship recipients.
  • Four-year academic scholarships awarded by the UAB Scholarship Office will be suspended during the academic year of the internship. The final year of a four-year scholarship will be applied to the final year on campus following the internship year.

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