PCG_Science_loadingCBSE's mission is to determine the structure-function relationships of biological molecules for individual proteins and macromolecular complexes in support of drug design for chronic and infectious diseases.

It is widely noted in scientific research that understanding the relevant characteristics and three dimensional structure of a protein enables rational drug design. The biophysical and structural information of a protein supports the development of specific compounds (drugs) that can inhibit, regulate or activate the protein which affects the onset or functions of the disease. At the CBSE, we believe solving the three dimensional macromolecular structure is the cornerstone for understanding complex biological systems.

We have integrated our services to utilize a genomics driven high throughput structure based platform to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the drug discovery process. With facilities for high throughput cloning/expression, protein purification, molecular biophysics, high throughput crystallization and x-ray structure determination the CBSE is positioned to embrace the "genes to drug" paradigm with speed and accuracy in the identification, optimization, development of new therapeutics for pharmaceutical research and development.