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  — In October of 1999, the National Cancer Institute (NCI) awarded several top cancer research centers with SPORE grants (Specialized Programs of Research Excellence) for ovarian cancer research. UAB, which now hosts a SPORE for Breast Cancer as well, was one of the institutions chosen to focus on translating basic research findings into a clinical setting. To read the press release, please CLICK HERE.
National Cancer Institute
The Ovarian Cancer Research Team

UAB Comprehensive Cancer Center

— Ovarian Cancer represents the fourth leading cause of cancer deaths in women in the United States and is the most fatal gynecological malignancy. Unfortunately, because of factors such as the lack of early detection methods and the difficult accessibility of the ovary, the pathogenesis of this disease is not well understood. UAB's Ovarian Cancer SPORE focuses on the areas of Chemoprevention, Gene Therapy, and Targeted Immunotherapy.

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