Degree Programs in CTS

Degree Programs in CTS

For those interested in adding a formal degree experience to their clinical and translational research training, multiple options are available through the CCTS Partner Network. 

Conferred by the UAB School of Public Health:  

The Master of Science in Public Health in Clinical and Translational Science degree is open to those with training in a clinical discipline (e.g., medicine, dentistry, nursing) and those with strong technical backgrounds (e.g., in one of the basic sciences and biomedical engineering).  Students may fulfill coursework and research project requirements within one year.  The MSPH degree provides strong supplementary training for professionals interested in careers in translational research.

For those with an interest in Comparative Effectiveness Research, the MSPH in Outcomes Research targets the problems of measurement and decision-making in health care and develops skills in applying methods of decision-making, cost-effectiveness analysis, modeling and simulation.
UAB Graduate School is the portal of entry for these programs.  Please submit your application online using the UAB Graduate School's Apply Yourself electronic application system.  The application deadline for the MSPH degree program is April 1st each year.  Contact us with questions. 

Conferred by Tulane University:

Like the MSPH in CTS at UAB, the Master of Science in Clinical Research is designed to prepare the next generation of clinical and translational researchers. The 38-hour program provides the tools to conduct modern clinical and translational research.  A mentored clinical research project is also a part of the Tulane experience. 
Contact Roy S. Weiner, M.D., Associate Dean for Clinical Research and Education at Tulane University School of Medicine.