PSTP Archive

PSTP Archive

Biology, Bioinformatics, and Big Data 

Elliott Lefkowitz, Director CCTS Informatics

UAB OSP Electronic Submission Process

Timothy M. Parker, Assoc. Director UAB Office of Sponsored Programs

Developing Extramural Research Applications: K Awards and R01s

David Chaplin, Director, CCTS Training Academy

Where do new drugs come from? An Introduction to Drug Discovery and Development

Maaike Everts, PhD, Assoc. Professor of Pediatrics

A Presentation on Presentations

Steve Glasser, MD, Professor of Medicine

Beyond the Basics: Finding the Right Information Fast

Lee Vucovich, Lister Hill Library

Developing Mentoring (includes references) Panel discussion followed.

Karen Meneses, PhD, RN, Associate Dean for Research, UAB School of Nursing

Career Development (K) and Fellowship (F) Awards

Melissa McBrayer, MEd, CCTS Research Commons 

Formation and Maintenance of Mentor-Mentee Relationships

Edward W. Hook, III, MD 

Data Management in Your Research Project: Responsibilities and Best Practices

Jeff Engler, PhD, Associate Dean of Academic Affairs, UAB Graduate School

How to Kill Creativity in Your Work Group

Stephen A. Yoder, JD, UAB School of Business.  Dr. Yoder uses Prezi for his presentation which is not available for posting, but powerpoint slides are available for memory prompts. 

Survey Development 

Julie Locher, PhD, Director, Public Policy and Aging Program