TL1 Trainees

TL1 Trainees

Through the CCTS Pre-doctoral Training Program (TL1 Trainees) eligible individuals will acquire competencies necessary to conduct clinical and translational research. The TL1 award provides a stipend and partial support for tuition and specified educational expenses for one year. During this year, the trainee will complete the CCTS’ Clinical and Translational Science Training Program.

CCTS TL1 Trainees dedicate full-time effort to pursue a translational science-related doctoral degree. In addition to completing the core curriculum and other requirements, Trainees will ultimately complete a dissertation that will culminate in the submission of manuscripts for publication and a grant application. 

Thy Huynh, 3rd Year Medical Student
Mentor:  Naveed Sami, MD, FAAD, Assistant Professor of Dermatology
Project Title:  Genetic Mutational Analysis of a Family with Unique Sclerodermoid Features

Catherine Poholek,
Medical Scientist Training Program Trainee,
Graduate Biomedical Sciences - Immunology Theme
Mentor:  Laurie E. Harrington, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Cell Biology
Project Title:  Mechanisms of Interleukin-21-driven Pathogenesis in Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Neil Kelly,
Graduate Biomedical Science - Pathobiology and Molecular Medicine Theme
Mentor:  Marcus Bamman, Ph.D., Professor of Cell, Developmental, and Integrative Biology Director, UAB Center for Exercise Medicine
Project Title:  Novel exercise prescription to improve fatigability and muscle function in Parkinson’s Disease

2012 Predoctoral Trainees: Thy Huynh, Neil Kelly, and Catherine Poholek

The following TL1 Trainees were supported by grant number 5TL1RR025775 from the NIH National Center for Research Resources.


Donnie McCormick
Mentor: Candace L. Floyd, Ph.D. Assistant Professor, Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
Project Title:  The Effects of Venlafaxine on Functional Recovery after Spinal Cord Injury
Carl Odom
Co-mentors: James M. Markert, MD, Professor and Chair, Division of Neurosurgery
Kevin A. Cassady, MD, Associate Professor, Pediatric Infectious Diseases
Project Title:  Modulation of MICA/B by Engineered Herpes Simplex Type-1 Vectors
Stephanie Robert
Mentor:  Harald Sontheimer, Ph.D., Professor, Department of Neurobiology
Project Title: Cystine/Glutamate Transporters as Possible Prognostic & Therapeutic Markers of Primary Brain Tumors

Paul Bonvallet
Mentor: Susan L. Bellis, PhD Professor of Physiology and Biophysics
Project Title:   Designing an electrospun scaffold for skin regeneration
Jacquelyn Zimmerman
Mentor: Boris Pasche, MD, PhD, Professor and Division Director, Hematology/Oncology
Project Title:   Amplitude-Modulated Electromagnetic Fields as Novel Therapy for Hepatocellular Carcinoma
Ian Backstrom, MS
Mentor: Shawn R. Gilbert, MD, Associate Professor of Orthopaedic Surgery
Project Title:   The Effect of Pediatric Obesity on Traumatic Lower Extremity Long Bone Fracture Outcomes
Teruko M. Bredemann, PhD
Mentor:  Lori L. McMahon, PhD Professor and Director, Neuroscience Graduate Program, Department of Physiology
and Biophysics
Project Title:  Major Depressive Disorder, Estrogen, and Hippocampal Synaptic Function
Christina M. Croney
Co-mentors:      Marilyn J. Crain, MD, Associate Professor of Pediatrics 
David E. Briles, PhD, Professor of Microbiology and Pediatrics
Project Title:  Selection and Evolution of Pneumococci in Response to Conjugate Vaccines
Jessica Alvarez, PhD, MS, RD
Mentor:  Barbara Gower, PhD, Professor, Department of Nutrition Sciences
Project Title:  The influence of vitamin D on insulin sensitivity. 

Nikki Bush, PhD, MS, RD
Mentor:  Barbara Gower, PhD, Professor, Department of Nutrition Sciences
Project Title:  Insulin resistance and body composition in African American children exposed to gestational diabetes and obesity in utero.

TL1 Program Director:
Peter R. Smith, PhD

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If you are a TL1 Trainee...remember to cite the CCTS grant that has supported your work:

"The project [publication] described was supported by CTSA award  No.TL1 TR000167 from the National Center for Advancing Translational Sciences. Its contents are solely the responsibility of the authors and do not necessarily represent the official views of the National Institutes of Health."

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