Training Academy

Training Academy

CCTS_logo_withhex.jpgThe CCTS is committed to lifelong learning.   


We develop clinical and translational researchers and research teams through our programs and training opportunities, integrating successful programs with new initiatives.

Upcoming Training Events and Announcements

NEW! The 2015 RFA for the  Clinical and Translational Science Training Program will be released  by October 31. 

NEW!  Register on the NIH site by October 28th for the
Meet the Experts in NIH Peer Review webinars.

Join us for the training opportunities such as
the PSTP (Professional Skills Training Program), TIERS (Training Investigators and Emerging Research Scholars) and Research Methods and Secondary Data Analysis

The CCTS/CTO Research Seminars are on the 1st and 3rd Thursdays of each month from 12-1; a live presentation is streamed over the internet. 
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What is Translational Research?  

The National Center for Advancing Translational Sciences (NCATS) defines translational research broadly to include the early steps necessary to develop new therapeutics, devices and diagnostics from basic discoveries, the steps necessary to establish real world efficacy, and the research needed to improve the practical implementation and dissemination of improved approaches to care.   

Discoveries that translate to...



Testing basic science discoveries for clinical effect
and/or applicability.

Patients (T2)

Testing new interventions in human subjects under controlled environments to form the basis for clinical applications and evidence‐based guidelines.


Research on the application of new interventions or therapies in general practice; research that yields knowledge on best ways to implement new medical interventions in the clinic.


Investigations of factors and/or interventions that influence the health of populations; ultimately results in improved health of the public.


For more information on CCTS Training Academy programs and resources, contact:

Jean Lambert 
Melissa McBrayer                     Melissa McBrayer