Inaugural Regional Community Engagement Consortium Takes Place in NOLA

On Friday, September 25, members of the CCTS had the pleasure of meeting with several of our colleagues from institutions throughout the Partner Network in the first-ever Regional Community Engagement Consortium, hosted by Tulane University.

Researchers and community members from five Southeast institutions came together on the campus of this New Orleans institute to present ideas on how to better engage with our respective communities. Dr. John Estrada from Louisiana State University discussed his university's experiences working with community members of New Orleans' lower 9th and 10th wards. Of going into the area to work he said, "It was a daily reliving of the trauma of Hurricane Katrina." He suggested that "capacity-building is a painful process," and spoke about the value of partnering with existing faith-based programs in the area to engage the community. Drs. Errol Crook and Martha Arrietta of the University of South Alabama described a successful "Research Apprentice" program implemented over the last several years in Mobile's communities. Dr. Max Michael, Dean of the UAB School of Public Health, organized the consortium. 

Friday, January 22, 2016:  The group reconvened at Tulane—over king cake—to discuss options to catalog the vast array of community engagement activities taking place throughout the southeast, at each of the Partner Network institutions and in their respective communities. 

We look forward to bringing you updates from these groups as they continue to work together toward improved regional community engagement.

2NOLAThe Regional Community Engagement Consortium gathers at Tulane University in New Orleans, January 22, 2016 The Regional Community Engagement Consortium gathers for its inaugural meeting at Tulane University in New Orleans, Sept. 25, 2015.