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clinical services imgWe offer a number of clinical research support resources, which are available to investigators across the CCTS Partner Network. Our goal is to facilitate the research process by tailoring these services to meet the individual needs of each investigator we assist. We invite you to explore the resources listed below and register your study with us. 


To register, the following information is required:

  • Registration Form - Please attach and submit after completion.
  • Human Subjects Protocol - Approval may be pending. Send stamped approval form(s).
  • Consent Form(s) - Approval may be pending.  Send stamped consent form(s).
  • Protocol (Grant application, sponsor protocol, study group protocol)

The Clinical Services registration form and accompanying documentation should be sent to cctsclinical@uab.edu.


Access price lists for each of the following units here (BlazerID & login required).
CCTS Biorepository - Access more information here.

Adult Research Unit

Clinical Research Unit

Phase I Clinical Trials Unit

Bionutrition Unit

Sample Processing Facilities

Research Pharmacy

Pediatric Research Unit

Child Health Research Unit

Local Support

Through our Clinical Research Support Program (CRSP) and the Clinical Trials Administration Office (CTAO), the CCTS offers specialized support tailored to the needs of clinical trials and studies, from protocol planning and development to implementation, data collection, and close out. Our staff are experts in Good Clinical Practice (GCP) standards--in addition to "leading by example," ensuring all subjects are rigorously cared for and risks minimized, we provide trainings on best practice in all aspects of clinical trials and studies (many offer CME credit) as well as user support for the OnCore clinical trial management system. CRSP and CTAO also offer regulatory expertise to help investigators meet IRB and ClinicalTrials.gov requirements and develop IND/IDE applications.

Clinical Research Support Program

Clinical Trials Administrative Office