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"Your combined experience enabled me to consider my own grant in a way that honestly would have been impossible otherwise."    - Mr. Vincent Laufer, MSTP Trainee

"It was exactly what I needed."- Dr. Rita Cowell, Asst. Professor, Behavioral Psychology

“The CCTS panel convened to review my proposal for the GERRAF award was key to my success. This was the most productive time in preparation for my submission, as I received valuable constructive criticism.” - Heidi R. Umphrey, MD, MS, Associate Professor of Radiology

"The CCTS Panel was very helpful." - Dr. Lynn Dobrunz, Assoc. Prof., Neurobiology

"The panel was AMAZING! There is no question in my mind that I submitted a MUCH stronger grant application as a result of this meeting. I am particularly impressed of how well the panel addressed the specific needs I expressed in my initial request to the CCTS." - Dr. Kerstin Schroder, Assoc. Prof., Health Behavior

“It really made a difference.” - Paul Muntner, PhD, Professor of Epidemiology

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You write the science, let the CCTS do the rest. We welcome all faculty, trainees and students who wish to use panels for their research. 

We are here to help you brainstorm ideas, generate research questions, meet possible collaborators, fine-tune study design and sharpen your proposals. Whether you want a multi-disciplinary panel or a quick, more tailored group, we assemble whatever expertise is needed to work with you to strengthen your project. Meet with a team of scientific experts who have perused your application as a first level of peer review.

project panelsWHAT ARE MY OPTIONS?

Translational Investigator Exchange Service (TIES)
Brings together investigators across disciplines (clinical <-> fundamental, etc.) to identify complementary relationships around a scientific or clinical observation/opportunity. Ideal for researchers who have made an interesting discovery and are unsure how to explore in greater depth a/o how to advance translational investigation.

Nascent Project Panel (NPP)
A multidisciplinary peer group, bringing together expertise in fundamental, clinical and translational science, animal models, human subjects, informatics, biostatistics, evaluation, health disparities, outcomes, etc. This panel meets monthly and is great for research ideas that are still in a conceptual stage toward a deadline several months away. Worthwhile for those projects transitioning between funding mechanisms (e.g., K->R, Intramural pilot -> extramural proposal, revisions, etc.).

Panels Done Quickly (PDQ)
This ad hoc peer group is tailored to scientific content and application needs. Agile and responsive in short time frame. Ideal for research strategies that are in advanced draft state, likely toward a deadline within the proximate 6 weeks.

Questions? Contact us at ccts@uab.edu or 205-934-7442. If you know which panel you need, we invite you to submit a Panel Request Form

Direct Consultation

To complement your application’s development and peer review, the CCTS is happy to connect investigators to experts for one-on-one consultation, concerning: