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The CCTS has partnered with successfully funded investigators from across its partner network to develop this compendium of best practice grant writing samples. Our goal is to share the wisdom of their award-winning experiences in communicating about research in support of both scientific excellence and discovery.

We update this resource on a regular basis to keep it current with the latest sponsor requirements. Check back often to see the most recent examples of well-crafted grants.

If you need further assistance with grant writing, or to submit a successful grant example to the library, contact CCTS Research Commons at ccts@uab.edu or 205-934-7442.

Rules for Use: We encourage you to emulate these fine examples, but please remain mindful of the difference between imitation and plagiarism.


Federal Grant Series


Editing/writing services are available for manuscripts or grant applications -- please see the UAB approved vendors below. Please click here if you'd like to download this list.

EditBiomed (UAB Vendor Number: 660880)
Melanie Styers, PhD at mstyers@editbiomed.com 

National Association of Science Writers (UAB Vendor Number: 116078)
Find A Writer page:http://nasw.org/find-writer   

Erin Thacker, PhD (UAB Vendor Number: 646584)
Freelance Medical and Science Writer
Email: erinEthacker@gmail.com 
Phone: 205-836-0034

Stacey Chapman Tobin, PhD, ELS (UAB Vendor Number: 617235)
Biomedical Writer and Editor, The Tobin Touch, Inc.