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The R01 is NIH’s most commonly used grant program. It supports discrete, specified, circumscribed research projects, is generally awarded for 3-5 years, and is supported by all Institutes and Centers at the NIH.

Other grant mechanisms in the R series are targeted to smaller, more specific aims, such as pilot studies, scientific meetings, clinical trial planning, small business innovation/technology transfer, and short-term projects. 

For assistance with an R grant, or to submit a sample R, contact the CCTS Research Commons (ccts@uab.edu).


NIH Examples

The NIAID provides examples of well-written, top-scoring R01 grant applications that you can view on their website. The following investigators listed below enable NIAID to deliver an invaluable resource to the research community.

William Faubion, Ph.D., of the Mayo Clinic Rochester
“Inflammatory cascades disrupt Treg function through epigenetic”

Chengwen Li, Ph.D., and Richard Samulski, Ph.D., of University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill 
“Enhance AAV Liver Transduction with Capsid Immune Evasion”

Mengxi Jiang, Ph.D., of University of Alabama at Birmingham 
“Intersection of polyomavirus infection and host cellular responses”

Along with R01 grant application examples, NIAID also provides examples for R03, R21, R21/R33, R41, R42 and R44. To learn more about the R series, visit the NIH Types of Grants-R Series page.