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Sample Applications

UAB researchers and staff can access a Sample Grant Library (BlazerID required) of successful T32 applications, made possible by award recipients who have generously shared their work. You may use the selected samples to guide your work in drafting:

  • Research Training Program Plan
  • Institutional Commitment to Training
  • Recruitment and Retention Plan to Enhance Diversity

Additional Resources for T32 Training Grant Directors:

Responsible Conduct of Research

Our Responsible Conduct of Research page includes information on faculty refresher training plus a sample document describing Principles of Scientific Integrity (GRD717) according to the required NIH format. See also the library of successful T32 applications for examples.

Individual Development Plans

An independent development plan (IDP) can facilitate dialogue between mentor and postdocs to plan goals for training. The NIH mandates the use of an individual development plan for all NIH-funded graduate students and postdoctoral researchers by October 2014.  Go to our mentoring page for more resources >

Informatics and Big Data Training

Training programs should include training in big data and informatics. The NIH Data and Informatics Working Group recommended in its December 2012 report that adequate training in the quantitative skills to handle big data be required for future NRSA training grants (institutional and individual fellowships). In order to equip future biomedical researchers to access, organize, analyze and integrate biomedical big data, training may be needed in disciplines including computational biology, biostatistics, bioinformatics and the quantitative sciences.


Genetics and Genomics Journal Club is Tuesday at 10am in the Finley Conference Center; open to all UAB faculty, post-docs, students, and staff.

The CCTS has partnered with the Heflin Center for Genomic Sciences to develop educational resources in genetics and genomics in order to enhance investigator understanding of the opportunities to incorporate genomic sciences into their research.

Investigator and Research Development Resources