The UAB President’s Medal is designed to recognize individuals who have attained scholarly distinction and/or have rendered distinguished service to UAB. Recipients are selected by the President of UAB upon the advice and recommendation of senior university officials.  Selection as the recipient of this medal is one of the highest honors bestowed by UAB.

The award is comprised of an antique brass medallion and plaque, suitably inscribed, mounted in a cherry stand.  The UAB President’s Medal is awarded at a commencement ceremony.

Past Recipients of the UAB President's Medal


1985—J. Durwood Bradley, M.D.

1986—B. Gene Bartow

1986—Janet Redman Hill

1987—Peter Garthwaite Smith

1988—Max D. Cooper, M.D.

1989—James Hatcher

1990—Fred W. Sington

1991—Samuel B. Barker, Ph.D.

1992—Juan M. Navia, Ph.D.

1993—Albert F. LoBuglio, M.D.

1994—Aaron L. Lamar, Jr., Ed.D.

1995—George N. Mickwee

1996—William A. Sibley, Ph.D.

1997—Linda Flaherty-Goldsmith

1998—Odessa Woolfolk

1999—James A. Garland

2000—A. D. Pacifico, M.D.

2001—John N. Whitaker, M.D.

2002—Ada W. Long, Ph.D.

2003—Julian Watts Banton

2003—T. Michael Goodrich

2003—Margaret M. Porter

2004—William James Koopman, M.D.

2005—Rachel Z. Booth, Ph.D., R.N.

2005—John M. Lyons, Ph.D.

2006—Virginia D. Gauld, Ph.D.

2006—Ina Branham Leonard, J.D.

2007—Richard J. Whitley, M.D.

2008—Basil I. Hirschowitz, M.D.

2009—Malcolm Portera, Ph.D.

2010—Michael S. Saag, M.D.

2011—George Howard, Dr.P.H.

2012—Louise T. Chow, Ph.D.

2012—John J. McMahon, Jr.

2013—Sergio Stagno, M.D.

2015—Charles A. Collat, Sr.