J. Nick Dionne Odom, PhD

OdomEmail: dionneod@uab.edu 
Telephone:  205.934.7597
Department:  Nursing
Primary Mentor:  Marie Bakitas, DSN
Secondary Mentor:  Karen Meneses, PhD

Nick Odom is currently involved in several funded research studies. He is a nurse research interventionist for a National Palliative Care Research Center exploratory grant, a 2 year, 2-site (UAB/Birmingham, AL & Dartmouth-Hitchcock, Hanover, NH) single arm pilot study of the ENABLE CHF PC (Educate Nurture Advise Before Life Ends Comprehensive Heartcare for Patients and Caregivers) intervention with 50 HF patient/caregiver dyads. He is also a core team nurse coach consultant for an American Cancer Society implementation science grant that uses Glasgow’s Evidence Integration Triangle (EIT) to bring an evidence-based palliative care model (ENABLE) to four high-risk ethnically diverse rural communities: Birmingham, AL, Grand Rapids, MI, Spartanburg, SC, and Bangor, ME. Finally, Odom will be completing his own dissertation research funded by the American Association of Critical Care Nurses and Sigma Theta Tau where, using a qualitative case study design augmented with a cognitive task analysis interviewing and data analysis approach, the aim is to describe, and develop a theoretical model of the psychological processes of surrogate decision-making for incapacitated adults at end of life in the intensive care unit.

His research focus is the psychology of decision-making, particularly naturalistic decision making, in the context of life threatening and life changing illness with the aim of developing instruments and psychosocial decision support interventions that promote positive outcomes in decision quality, life satisfaction and quality of life for patients and caregivers. Dr. Marie Bakitas, DNSc, NP-C, FAAN is his primary research mentor and Dr. Karen Meneses, PhD, RN, FAAN is his secondary research mentor.


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